There has finally been some free time in our schedules lately to work on house projects... One would think after almost four years living here that there couldn't possibly be any more work to do. How I wish that was true - it is definitely still a work in progress (and this house with all its challenges is helping to teach me that I am, too).

Outside: Scott and Grandaddy hung a fan on our front porch. I am not super crazy about the light fixture but I love, love, love the beadboard look to the fan blades. Scott also hung a stained glass that was given to us by Austin's mom. Someday the rest of the house (on the outside) will be just as beautiful! :)

Inside: Shoe molding in the laundry room, kitchen and hallway!!! I am amazed at what a difference this made. Everything looks so finished now! I have also been touching up paint on some of the walls and door frames and I painted the beadboard wall in the laundry room. And the tube of caulk has become my new best friend :) It's been fun getting to work on some projects together with Scott, just the two of us, now that the kids are a little bit older and more self-sufficient... although I do have to wait until Jackson is napping to do most things.

Scott still has to finish in all the bedrooms but I am so excited to have it done in the areas that are the most visible. I know it shouldn't matter how "finished" or "nice" our house looks on the inside, but it feels good to have a safe, welcoming place for us and our family/friends/neighbors. And I want our kids to see us taking care of the things God has blessed us with.

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