Exploring Art

Caleb had a neat opportunity recently with some kids from Parker Street's AEP (After-School Enrichment Program) and a local private school. He got to meet with a real artist and work on a project for Platform Art. I'm not sure of all the details, but I do know that their finished pictures will be displayed together at City Hall (maybe in a quilt or something like that?). I think I also heard they will be swapping projects with a group of school kids in Japan to be put on display there.

I wish I had better details of the event, but I wanted to get some photos on the blog, even if my written explanation is a little bit sketchy :) My neighbor, who is an amazing artist herself, gave me copies of these pictures she took that afternoon.

Can you tell which kids are the private school kids? :)
Idea board from the artist showing the kids different shapes and patterns they could use to decorate their bicycles...
Caleb and the artist with his finished picture

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