Happy 3rd Birthday Lillian!

At 10:30 in the morning, three short years ago today, we welcomed our third bundle of joy into the family. After a very quick pitocin-induced labor (with no epidural, I might add), Lillian Ruth MacDonald made her entrance into the world!

I'm not sure who cried more, me or her - that was some serious pain! Luckily I forgot it all the moment I kissed her sweet little face and laid her on my chest for the first time. (I still think I was already in labor when we got to the hospital but they wouldn't check me before they induced).

When Lillian was about 3 weeks old, Scott and the older 2 went to Alabama for a long weekend, leaving me and our new baby girl with lots of time all to ourselves. I will never forget how special those few days were - it was wonderful to get that bonding time without life getting in the way. I took lots of pictures, we snuggled and took naps together all weekend long - what a life!

I chose the Bible verse "Every good and perfect gift is from above" for Lillian's birth announcement. What a fitting way to think about her life so far - her zany personality, feistiness and quiet affection are all perfect gifts to our family. Lillian Ruth, we love you so much and are celebrating you today. Enjoy being 3 but please stop growing so quickly!
Here is Lillian at her 1 year-old birthday party. The dress had been Ella's and it was HUGE on Lillian at that time! Same dress, this time with a "2" on the front a year later. We definitely got lots of use out of that dress!
The birthday girl today at Chick-Fil-A enjoying a celebratory ice cream cone. (No, I don't purposefully dress my child in a Madonna t-shirt every day as it may seem by our photos lately... In reality, she chooses to wear that shirt, her favorite, anytime it is clean!


Ella said...

happy birthday, sweet girl!! we love you so much and wish we could be at your party!! glad you got to enjoy some chick fil-a today...i would have done the same! :)

japm1944 said...

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Lillian Ruth! We love you bunches. Mima and Papa