Go Tigers!


Coach's huddle

No. 9 - what a cutie!

Caleb's first soccer game was Saturday. Luckily it was overcast so the heat wasn't too bad. Caleb ended up with jersey #9. He didn't know anyone on his team (aside from getting acquainted with them at practice on Thursday), but a boy on the opposing team was from our church and is also named Caleb - that made for a little bit of confusion on the field!

Caleb's team lost, although I'm not really sure if he realizes that or not. He was too busy going after the ball and trying to make goals. Even when his own teammate had the ball it didn't slow him down! Gotta love his enthusiasm. I was pretty impressed at how well he did considering that this is his first time playing "real" soccer... I think he has probably long since forgotten the skills he learned in the rookie clinic at the YMCA over 2 years ago!

He certainly doesn't get his athletic abilities from me. I ran track and cross-country in school because it took too much coordination to do any other sports!

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japm1944 said...

You did great! Caleb, Papa and I enjoyed being at your game. Love Mima and Papa.