Last week on the way home from Gainesville, Scott was driving with my dad in his car and Austin was driving the van which meant I had LOTS of time to listen to all the great music on his iPad. So here, in no particular order, are all the songs (or albums) that made me cry... and others that would have made me cry if I had heard them:

1. Dixie Chicks: Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) - if either of my boys want to dance with me to this song at their wedding, I would be totally okay with it!

2. Chris Rice: The Living Room Sessions - we started playing this for Caleb at bedtime when he was about Jackson's age. Hearing those songs just flooded me with memories. I wouldn't trade my life now for anything, but there is something so special about my first baby and the time I had with just him.

3. Sovereign Grace: Valley of Vision - I had this CD on repeat in my hospital room when Jackson was born. Anytime I hear the songs now it takes me right back to that place and time. Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences I will probably ever have, and I got to do it four times! We sing a few of these songs in church and it is so hard for me to hold myself together!

4. Billy Joel: Greatest Hits - I remember hearing his music at my parents' house growing up and then at random other momentous times in my life. Thinking back through all that just reaffirms to me that time flies by so quickly!

5. Steven Curtis Chapman: Cinderella - We have two daughters and a Daddy who loves to dance with them. Enough said!

6. I Dreamed a Dream: Glee soundtrack - Les Miserables is one of the best musicals EVER!! (I think Glee might be one of the best TV shows ever). I was fortunate enough to see Les Mis twice, once in New York and once in Tampa. Hearing music from the show makes me so sad that I will never ever get to see it on Broadway again!

7. David Crowder Band: O Praise Him - This song gives me chills every time I hear it. God is so good and I am in awe of what he continues to do in our lives. We are so grateful and humbled... not to mention undeserving!

So there's a little peek into my musical repertoire - I could list hundreds more, but I feel like this post has all of a sudden gotten very text-heavy, so that's all for now!

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