Birthday Festivities

Lillian started her birthday with a chocolate chip pancake breakfast as requested. I even left out the wheat germ and flaxseed since it was her birthday (not that they ever really notice it). She opened her gifts from us - a Princess Tiana cooking playset and some Tiana pajamas.

We spent the morning baking cupcakes together - chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing and yellow cupcakes with fudge icing. I didn't buy cake mix because I knew we were ordering a Tiana cake for her party on Saturday, but then I decided to make cupcakes for us to have at Bible Study on her actual birthday. So rather than drag 4 children to the grocery store just to buy some cake mix, we did it all from scratch. It was fun, but it took FOREVER because we had to make enough to feed 50 people.

After all that was finally done, we treated the birthday girl to lunch at Chick-Fil-A with Mima and Grandaddy. Scott surprised us by showing up which Lillian was thrilled about - she is such a Daddy's girl :) Caleb spent that afternoon at AEP, I put together favor bags for Lillian's party and the younger three took marathon naps... They all barely woke up in time for Bible Study at 6:30. On a side note, I found some really cute printables online for stuff to put in the favor bags - coloring sheets, word puzzles, memory cards and a playset with figures that could be cut out. The rest of the favors I found at the dollar store - I love it when the kids pick a really popular character for their birthday theme!

Saturday was Lillian's actual party. I may or may not have scheduled it for a week when Florida was playing an away game and I certainly didn't look at the schedule to see what time the game was so I could plan the party around it! I cooked red beans & rice with sausage and beignets, my mom made some delicious gumbo and andouille grits (the sausage was made from scratch, I might add) and then we had other non-cajun snacky foods - chips and salsa, veggie tray, etc. I just did cheese pizza for the kiddos (and my best friend Tricia who eats like she is a kid - lol). My mom hand-painted a GORGEOUS pin-the-frog-on-the-lilypad game for the kids. We did lots of outside playing with only a few minor collisions on the trampoline. The cake was divine - we splurged and got it at Publix because Sams doesn't have a Tiana cake yet. Lillian asked for chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling - I only wish I had remembered to ask for whipped topping instead of buttercreme.

She opened her presents with not much help from a grown-up... she is getting so big! She was so sad yesterday when we took down her streamers and decorations, even though they had been up since Wednesday.

Tonight we will take her to get her free ice cream at Cold Stone and I guess the extended birthday celebration will be officially over after that.

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