A New Hobby

Caleb's new favorite pastime is anything paper airplanes!! Scott bought a paper airplane book on clearance after the holidays with a gift card he got to Waldenbooks and Caleb has been enamored ever since. He went through the paper that came with the book in no time and now will find whatever scraps of paper he can around the house and study all the different diagrams in the book to see which plane he wants to make. I have helped him a couple of times but that is definitely not a gift of mine... that or building things out of Legos. I can braid doll hair and color until the cows come home, but forget anything mechanical. Thank goodness for Daddy and Uncle Austin!
This is his stash from church this morning... Today was his first time being in worship with us the whole time - once kids reach first grade at our church, they are incorporated into the regular church service with their parents. We decided to go easy on him today to let him get used to the idea so this is what he did to pass the time :) Mind you, I will end up with a pile three times this big (or more) before the day is over! I usually tell him he has to pick 2 or 3 of his favorites to keep but the rest we throw away or recycle for other projects. Maybe we have a future pilot on our hands! :)

We also signed him up for soccer yesterday. Now, especially, I am missing our Y membership. It sure was cheaper to play sports there than it is in a city league. He got some cleats for free, thank goodness - here the boys are trying them on!

We are definitely committed to getting our kids involved in extra-curricular activities, especially now that we are homeschooling. We really want to do some kind of music lessons at some point, and we have decided to put Ella in dance classes. Lillian will probably do the pre-ballet that Ella did at Kelly Rec.

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