House Update

Scott sure was busy while we were in Gainesville! Unfortunately, I have no "before" pictures, but here is a look at what he worked on (with a little help from friends and neighbors). Amazing!!

Our neighbor and another guy from church unearthed this on the front porch - the original railing!! LOVE it!

The new sidelights! I love the design on the glass and how light just pours into the dining room now.

The wall in the laundry room is finished! My mom sent me a magazine page with the idea for the beadboard and we plan on adding some hooks (one for each kid). My idea was to hang their backpacks there but now that we are homeschooling we may use the hooks for something else!

This little spot was such an eyesore in the kitchen... the contractor hadn't finished the wall next to the pantry and there was a huge hole in it at the bottom. Scott painted the wall and added a baseboard to finish it off. So much better!

All the trim work is done in the kitchen - these tiny pieces were installed on the edges of the backsplash, along with the crown molding and some trim under the windows. All that is left is shoe molding which can be done pretty quickly. We have all the wood and it has been painted already (thanks, Grandaddy)!

Scott installed flooring in the bathroom closet to match the rest of the room. There were several layers of different flooring materials in there and we knew at some point we wanted to finish the laminate in there, so it finally happened!

This is on the other side of the laundry room wall off our bedroom - a "closet" of sorts... We wanted to keep the pull-out couch and TV/VCR combo in there so the closet is kind of built around those things. Scott also installed baseboards and shoe molding in there.

Here is a visual explanation of why we couldn't fit our clothes in the bedroom closet:

Scott's clothes (1 of 3)

Scott's clothes (2 of 3) *I had nothing to do with the color organization of his garments* :)

Scott's clothes (3 of 3)

Trisha's clothes (1 of 1) :)

Now that Scott has all his clothes in one place, Caleb and Jackson can use the closet in their room, our bedroom closet is empty enough to store our luggage, gift wrap bin and vacuum and the hall closet is now completely empty so I have a place for homeschool materials!

I'm so thankful that Scott was willing to use his vacation time to do projects around our house. Thank you for all your tireless work last week, babe - I know there are probably many more relaxing things you would have rather been doing! I'm hoping we can keep the momentum going and work on stuff together at night while the kids are asleep.

Thanks Aunt Tricia for opening your home to four crazy children and one tired mama! It was so fun just to hang out with you and watch our kids together, especially knowing that we were their age when we met!

Thanks to all of our friends who fed my husband while I was gone. He would have survived on tuna salad and frozen pizza.

Thank you Lord for our beautiful home and all you have blessed us with.

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Brian and Ella said...

love all the new improvements...especially those beautiful side lights! wow!! oh, and the porch railing...what was there before? scott did an amazing job and I'm so glad you had such a fun trip. next time come to Montgomery, especially with your new flexible school schedule! :)