Fun with the Fish

Last Friday we got to tag along with the Parker Street Summer Camp kids and visit the Florida Aquarium. They go every summer and since we drive ourselves we always make a long day of it and spend the later half of the day at their little splash area. My experience last year was not the greatest with a 3 month-old in the sling and three older children who kept disappearing. I remember being very flustered last year and not feeling like I was enjoying it very much - I'm sure hormones and sleep deprivation played into it a lot. So this year I called for back-up, just in case! Grandaddy went along for moral support (and an extra pair of hands) since he had never been there.

This year it was so much FUN! Jackson had a blast walking around and looking into all the tanks and all the kids stayed with us - we never lost anyone! We spent the afternoon splashing around and praying that the ominous gray clouds overhead weren't anything serious. Luckily the storms held off until we got back to Lakeland. Another fun summer day!

I would hate to have this job - scrubbing the insides of the tanks with a toothbrush!

I spent lots of time in these rockers last year nursing and rocking a tired and hungry newborn!

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