Possible Change of Plans...

I have posted before about how awesome summer has been and what a blessing it has been to be able to just enjoy each other and our time together. When I started seeing the back-to-school commercials on TV and ads in the paper, I honestly felt a pit growing in my stomach. I was not (and am not) excited about school starting again, yet I am trying to hype it up to Caleb so he will continue to be excited.

I have struggled a LOT this summer with getting him to spend time online with the website his school has assigned him - three times a week for a minimum of thirty minutes at a time working on math and reading. Not to mention the required journal entries and book reading log (although reading hasn't been much of a problem for him). All I want to say is yes, I agree with you and it SUCKS that you have to do homework all summer, especially considering that you are only entering 1st grade! But of course I know I can't do that.

Moving on to the point of this rambling post... Last week my sweet husband told me I could look into homeschooling our kiddos!!!!!!!!! I was beyond excited at the idea that he would even consider us doing it. I have always had a heart for homeschooling (although only after I had children of my own) but we weren't on the same page at all. It was so hard for me when things got challenging last school year, whether it was with Caleb's behavior issues or the logistics nightmare of taking and picking him up every day, or worst of all feeling like I was always "on him" about something - getting dressed, finishing homework, bathtime or whatever... All I could think about was how avoidable it all was... not to say there aren't issues to be dealt with when you homeschool, but it just all seemed so unnecessary to me. I have prayed hard all year to be at peace with all of it (contentment is such a hard thing) or that Scott would have a change of heart...

So now our prayers are changing to figuring out if we will go for it! I don't want to homeschool just because it is something I want or it is easier for me. I want to do it because it is best for our family and what God desires for us to do. What a challenge to be the one responsible for your children's education but what an amazing privilege and calling it would be. So please pray as we are working through all of this. The main obstacle I see at this point is purchasing curriculum - never in a million years would I have thought this would be an option for us, so we have no money set aside for it. I am still getting over the idea that this is even a possibility for us! I'm so excited!!

Wow that was a lot - sorry about that!

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

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Brian and Ella said...

so excited for you, Trisha! I hope it works out...i'm sure Caleb will love it!!