Good Times

We have had quite a week! Madisyn and McKenzee spent the night Tuesday night and our kiddos were so excited to spend some time with their cousins. Scott has been working late this week so I decided that night to take all the kids to Pizza Hut. Caleb had 2 free pizza coupons leftover from Book-It and then when we got there we found out it was kid's night, which meant that for each adult buffet purchased we would get a kid buffet for free. Lillian and Jackson were free anyway because they are under three, so we all ate there for less than $20 - we left with bellies full of salad, pizza, pasta and dessert pizzas. Not knowing we would be eating the buffet with dessert included, I had already promised Caleb we would go to Cold Stone that night for ice cream (more free coupons he got from school) so I had to keep my word. I had been wanting to try their new peach ice cream, anyway. I think I gained five pounds that day!

The next morning we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then headed to the theater for a free movie. Caleb and McKenzee went to see something that I can't remember the name of while Madisyn, Ella, Lillian, Jackson and I went to see the American Girl movie. I LOVED it... Such a great film! It actually had quite a bit of historical significance and even some themes worked in about loving the poor. Lillian made it through the whole thing - a first for her. Jackson slept through part of it so it was a great movie experience all-around.

Today was a swim day playgroup with friends from church with free Chick-Fil-A nuggets, fruit and chips for lunch. Hopefully the kids are worn out enough to rest for a while - I need to do some curriculum research! :)

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