We have conquered walking!!

Jackson is walking ALL over the place now, all through the house and in between rooms. It has happened literally in a few days - this weekend he was still only taking 4 - 6 steps at a time. Now I can't keep up with him! He is so proud of himself, too. He will walk to me wherever I am and hold his arms up with a big smile, then when I pick him up he starts clapping and laughing hysterically.

His favorite thing to do (still) is play ball. He has developed a new found love for watermelon - when you put a slice on his tray he will bend his head down and eat it without picking it up. Then when it is gone, he will throw a royal fit until you give him more. And more. And more. You get the picture. He also loves to read (or be read to) but really wants to look at big-kid books instead of board books.

When you tell him it is time to go bye-bye, he will chant "baa baa" and make a bee-line for the front door. He loves being put in his crib when he is tired - I will stand there with him and snuggle for a few minutes, then he will reach for his crib mobile and start laughing because he is so excited to lay down.

We are spending lots of time in the backyard lately and he is LOVING it, especially now that he can walk more. He also loves to bounce on the trampoline with his siblings, who are surprisingly gentle with him on there.

Such a fun age. Such a fun baby! Here are some recent pics of him...
Did anyone try the free spicy chicken sandwich at CFA last week? I did and LOVED it. Jackson enjoyed his lunch and ice cream that day, too!
Obviously a 4th child, eating a whole pear (which prior to this photo was in his sister's mouth) at only 13 months old :)

There's nothing cuter than a little boy in blue jeans!

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japm1944 said...

Way to go Jackson! Love the cute pics. Love Mima and Papa.