Another Hidden Treasure

Much like the patio I unearthed last summer, we found another surprise, this time inside the house! We have had someone here this week hanging doors inside and I decided to bite the bullet and just pay him to build the sidelights I wanted for our front door. There has just been plywood there since we bought the house. As our handyman was prying off the plywood to start making the new sidelights, he unearthed these on either side of the front double doors: I am in love!! Now all we have to do is replace the broken glass and clean up the wood and we will have what probably are the original sidelights. We also have a house full of functioning (and matching) interior doors - they all close and some even lock!! He will be completely finished after some paint touch-up tomorrow. And poor Scott doesn't have to spend HOURS with his dad trying to hang the rest of them - what a nightmare that would have been (as it was with the two doors they were able to hang already).

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