Our Week So Far

Today we took another stroll to the downtown farmer's market. My girls have befriended the ladies that run the snack wagon there and she offered to take our picture all together. After seeing what she charged me for a pb & j, grilled cheese and hot dog, it's the least she could do for me. Oh well, it was cheaper than lunch at Chick-Fil-A. And they are always so nice to my kiddos (and me). And I never get to be in pictures so it was worth it!

We ended the morning by throwing pennies in the fountain (hence the bare feet) and getting to watch a train go by.

Yesterday was the last Women's Bible Study and Ella's class performed a couple of songs for all the ladies. She is always so fun to watch on stage. I finally remembered to take my video camera and a friend of mine filmed for me since I was working in the nursery. I will post the video as soon as I figure out how. :)

Monday I let the girls paint. Inside the house. They really thought they were getting away with something! :) Both of the smocks they are wearing used to be Scott's when he was little. Back when Kindergarten was still fun and you did things that required the use of an art smock.

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