A Dream of Mine

I LOVE home-grown vegetables. I have always wanted to plant a garden but I truly am clueless about that kind of stuff. I have barely managed to keep a ficus tree alive in our house for a few years but that is the extent of my green thumb. So I was thrilled when my dad offered this year to help us set up a vegetable garden (and some wildflowers as per Ella's request)!

It has been fun watching him and the kids get everything ready and they are all SO excited about it, especially Ella. She keeps calling it "her garden". When Daddy first started tilling the soil and we were nowhere near planting anything, she went on her own and got a bucket of water because she thought we would need to water the seeds... so sweet!

He planted a few seedlings last week and then had the kids help with planting seeds on Saturday. I will post updates as stuff starts growing and hopefully giving our family lots of yummy produce!

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Brian and Ella said...

so glad you're doing this!! i have felt the same way, and a few of my friends here have vegetable gardens, and they save so much money that way! you'll have to let me know how it goes...maybe i'll get motivated whenever we move to our next house (wherever and whenever that may be!!)