Reading is Fun

(This entry is only about Caleb, but I loved this picture I took recently and wanted to post it!)

We had a conference last week with Caleb's teacher. We thought it was because he has been having some behavior issues the last couple of weeks (which we are trying very hard to work through - please pray for us and him!)... The main reason she wanted to see us was to let us know she was trying not to be too hard on him but still be consistent in her disciplining. She also told us that she tested Caleb to find out where he was with his reading.

She used the AR (Accelerated Reader) test and out of the five students she tested in his class, he scored the highest. He got a 2.8 which means he is reading at a 2nd grade, 8th month level (next is 2.9, then 3 for third grade). I'm so excited at the strides he is making with reading this year and so thankful that God has blessed him with a desire and excitement about learning. Now if we could just keep him out of trouble!

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japm1944 said...

Way to go! Caleb, keep up the good reading. We love you. Mima and Papa