For my little ones...

Scott and the older three kids are in Montgomery this weekend for his brother's ordination service. I decided to stay here with Jackson so that Scott's parents could ride in our van instead of taking their own vehicle. I thought it might be a nice weekend of rest and relaxation, but man I miss those little rascals (and their daddy, too!)...

They love to look at pictures of themselves on our blog, so hopefully they will see these while they are gone!

Dear Caleb, Ella and Lillian:

I sure wish I was there with you! I hope you know how much I am thinking about you and missing you! I know you are having lots of fun with your cousins so it is okay for you not to be thinking about me as often :) I love y'all so much and can't wait to see you again in a couple of days. Make sure and give Daddy (and each other) a big hug and kiss for me!

Love, Mommy


Brian and Ella said...

Trisha!!! we sure missed you this wish you could have come! and i wish we had checked your blog before now, so your kiddos could have read your sweet note! :(

my boys had so much fun with their cousins, and they LOVE all of their new games, toys, and books! thank you so much...y'all are too generous!!

we love you. You and Jackson were greatly missed!!

Charles and Heidi said...

We did miss you so much, Trisha! YOu and Jackson! You were so sweet to give your seat to Mima and Papa. Your wonderful husband did such a great job of being mommy and daddy. I'm sure he was so glad to be home and just be daddy! Hope we get to see you soon!!