Can Blogs Have Reruns?

Here is what I found earlier when I went in to get Jackson from his nap:

Looks a lot like this picture, taken of his sister, what seems like just yesterday (but was actually July 2008). She had pulled herself up and gotten stuck just like Jackson did this morning.

Jackson has had an eventful couple of days... yesterday he was eating a big-boy meal at Chick Fil A for lunch (some of his sisters' chicken nuggets and cut-up fruit) and today he is standing up in his crib... Wonder what's next (besides me going in his room fifteen times a day to lay him back down)? :)

Something else fun happened at lunch yesterday - Lillian can FINALLY climb all the way up the play structure at CFA - oh happy day! I only had to go in one time to help her get "unstuck" and I was thanking my lucky stars the whole time that it wasn't this time last year when I was 6 months pregnant (not that I wouldn't want to be pregnant again, just not when I am climbing around in tunnels chasing children).

They really do grow up so quickly :(

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