Why I Loved Thanksgiving This Year

Holiday craft from Grandma and Grandpa; reading “The First Thanksgiving”; watching the Charlie Brown special on TV (while eating leftover turkey sandwiches!); lots of yummy food (and little hands to help you make it); seeing Santa and putting up the Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I LOVED having Caleb home for a whole week. We got to lounge around in our PJs every morning and enjoy the days all together. We all loved having a long weekend with Scott since he didn’t work on Thursday or Friday. We did lots of fun stuff together. The house didn’t get cleaned, the lights aren’t up outside and the decorations are still in the attic, but it was well worth it! And, of course, the cousins had a blast together on Thanksgiving Day (as did the rest of the family).
Grandaddy hosted dinner at his house and everyone brought food, so I had it easy! Minimal cooking and cleaning meant I got to do other, more valuable things... like coloring centerpieces and napkin rings with the kids and just hanging out together.
There is nothing better than a turkey sandwich the day after (or night of) Thanksgiving. And there is no better way to use up a ham bone than a big ole’ pot of pinto beans! Apple pie for breakfast ranks right up there for me, too - but unfortunately we didn’t have apple pie this year! Maybe for Christmas...

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