What Do You Think?

Is it wrong for me to eat by myself in the kitchen because once, just once, I want to be able to eat my food and not have to share it with little mouths who have the same exact food on their plates but seem to think mine tastes better?

Don't get me wrong, most of the time I will gladly share... but sometimes I just want to eat my meal myself! Although I think I may have found a cheap way to lose weight - who needs a gym membership when you have two (sometimes three) people eating off your plate?



Brian and Ella said...

no, it is not wrong at all, which is why i end up eating most of my meals after the kids are in bed. although, it's not so much the sharing issue as it is the getting up and down out of my chair during the meal for "one more thing" that the kids need. Is it too much for me to ask to be able to sit down and eat my entire meal without having to get up and get someone something??? i start to get a little sick to my stomach from all that moving while i'm trying to eat. so it's easier for me just to wait. then i can actually sit, enjoy my food and the PEACE!!!

These Three Kings said...

LOL!!! eat up girl!! quick, before they come!!
I cant imagine! awwwwww

Just Robin said...

Sounds like our house. I usually just end up eating standing up/walking around, while getting stuff for everyone. When I do sit down to eat I am always saying keep your hands off other peoples plates (but then I remember I like taking stuff off of Daddy's plate, so I know where they get it from :) ), and when I am sitting and they need something I often times just tell them to go get it. :)