Birthday Fun, 2 Year-Old Style

So my baby girl is turning two tomorrow! We had her party this past Saturday since our church is having their Women's Retreat next weekend and most of our neighbors will be gone (I decided not to go this year - Jackson is a little too old to sit quietly during the sessions and I didn't feel like pumping for 2 days).

Lillian has recently discovered a big purple dinosaur who shall remain nameless and decided that's what kind of birthday she wanted. Sounds pretty simple, except that his show is so old that I couldn't find any themed party supplies. I did find some balloons on e-Bay and a cake at Sam's, thank goodness. And if you haven't tried a birthday cake from Sam's, you must! They are super-cheap and really good - we even got whipped topping instead of butter creme and it was the same price.

Here are a few snapshots from her party. I will try to do a little something tomorrow to recognize her actual birthday. She requested cinnamon rolls and eggs for her special birthday breakfast and I will probably take her somewhere fun for lunch. We also left up the party decorations and balloons inside our house.

Happy 2nd birthday, little bit! We love you and can't imagine our family without your spunk and craziness. You keep us smiling all the time - you have quite a personality for a 2 year-old! Stop growing so fast, please!

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Brian and Ella said...

oh my goodness! what a fun party and what a CUTE 2 year old!! she's turning into such a big is this happening to us???

(My cousin Laura's little girl (Lillian) turned 2 this past saturday and they had her party as well! AND her 5th child (Charlotte) was born within a couple of days of your Jackson. weird, huh!! Watch out, trisha...i'm sure she'll be pregnant again within the next few months...don't let me down...we need to keep this going! :)