Our Little Sports Fan

Jackson is not even 5 months old yet and he has already gotten to go to a Braves game, a Devil Rays game and now a Bucs game! It was just pre-season, but still exciting! The best part is, we haven't had to pay for any of the tickets!

Scott got some tickets given to him yesterday for the Bucs vs. Dolphins game (I say some because we needed 3 - yes, our 4 month old who can't even sit up by himself had to have a ticket). We even got a free parking pass, so we decided in the midst of a very rainy evening to head over to Tampa, ponchos in hand. Just the other day I had pulled out some of Caleb's old clothes in the next size up for Jackson and I happened to find a little rain coat. It was too big for Jackson since it was a size 18 months, but it was better than nothing and he still looked really cute in it! The game was delayed for a while because of lightning, but they started playing again about 40 minutes later and then the rain stopped.

The best part of the night - Jackson (and his Daddy) made it on the jumbo-tron! I couldn't believe it when I looked up and saw them! I wish the camera would have been handy for me to take a picture, but we had it wrapped up so it wouldn't get rained on. After the game a couple of people even recognized Jackson as we were walking out of the stadium.

We are hoping to round out Jackson's live sports experiences with a Gator game before he hits 6 months!

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Just Robin said...

Sounds nice having all the family around willing to babysit :).