4th of July Festivities

We had a fun few days celebrating Independence Day. The kids got a package from Grandma and Grandpa on the 2nd that we let them open early. It had all kinds of fun July 4th goodies, including special outfits for the kids to wear on Saturday.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

Scott was off on Friday so I decided to work some in the yard while he hung out with the kids. Lillian was my little helper! We discovered a concrete patio slab in our yard so I was clearing all the dirt and grass off the top of it. It will be so nice when we can get a patio set out there - there was already a stone fire pit and we moved our grill there, too.

On Friday night we decided to go downtown for the fireworks display. We contemplated not going since the kids are TERRIFIED of fireworks, but we had two things in our favor... one - all of our neighbors were going so the kids could see their friends and two - I came up with the idea to let them wear ear muffs to mask the noise... Scott has them for when he goes to the gun range and they worked perfectly!! I don't think it completely blocked the sound, but for once we weren't holding screaming children through the whole fireworks display so I would say the evening was a success!
On the morning of the 4th, we went to visit Mima and Papa at their house. The kids ate red, white and blue powdered donuts for breakfast. Jackson was full of smiles and Ella just wanted her Papa to read to her.

After that, we went to Grandaddy's house for a yummy meal. Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit and brought the best dessert - s'mores! Unfortunately it was raining, so we had to improvise and make them indoors. Lillian didn't seem to mind!

We still have some sparklers to do with the kids - they were just too worn out on Saturday night and we forgot about them last night, so we will do them tonight before bed. What a fun, family-filled weekend!


Brian and Ella said...

i can't believe how big jackson has gotten just in the past month!! and i LOVE the picture of Caleb and Ella enjoying the fireworks, sound-free! too cute!

Charles and Heidi said...

What a fun 4th of July!! I can't believe you found buried treasure in your backyard!! A PATIO!! That is amazing!! What a gift! But much hard work to uncover.. Great job!!