A Refreshing Change

Today I took the kids to one of the free summer movies they are showing at our local theater. Since the movie didn't cost us anything, I decided I would take them to Chick-Fil-A for lunch afterward. Even though that place is always CRAWLING with children, I inevitably get "the look" from everyone in the restaurant when I breeze in with my four in tow. I have written about this before - it always makes me just want to start nursing right there in front of them!

AHEM... so anyway, there was a lady sitting at a table with her daughter right near the playland and she made a comment to me that I hear all too often these days - "Are they all yours?" "Yes" I answered, waiting for one of the usual responses that follow: my, you have your hands full; you must be crazy; you aren't having any more, are you? Instead she said something so simple yet so encouraging... "Wow, what a blessing!" Who knew four simple words could be such a bright spot in my day!

So thank you, kind lady at Chick-Fil-A today with the curly hair and beautiful daughter. Your words were a true blessing to me (as are my children, but I already knew that!) :)

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Brian and Ella said...

way to go, kind lady at Chick fil-a! I have heard "what a blessing" a total of ONE time out of 1000 times of the comments you listed, when I am out with my four boys as well.

Although i am very impressed you took all 4 to the movie by yourself!!! I took my 3 only once by myself to the movie last year (disaster! disaster!!), and I'm sure it won't happen this summer with 4. As much as I want to, I just can't do it.