Moments to Remember

This morning we were riding to my dad's house and Caleb was talking about what he wants to be when he grows up - right now, a scientist or astronaut. We were talking about jobs and careers and he said, "Mom, you have a lot of jobs... you prepare our food, you do our laundry, you read to us, you help us put movies in the DVD player, you feed baby Jackson"... I'm so glad he recognizes at such a young age that his momma works hard... well, most of the time, although not for the last 7 weeks! ;) Notice he DIDN'T say anything about dusting, cleaning floors or the toilet - should I be offended?
Here he is with a squash he picked out of Grandaddy's garden this morning.
Lillian is finally starting to grow hair - today I gave her pigtails for the first time. They were kind of silly but still adorable! She kept pointing to her head saying "piiity" (pretty). She actually left them in until about 4 this afternoon which was pretty miraculous. She is really developing quite a personality - she is a MESS... growing up way too quickly.
Ella had her first trip to the dentist today. Everything looked great - no cavities!! She was very brave after having her big brother talk up the experience. I don't get to go with them into the exam room but it doesn't seem like they miss me with all the toys, video games, balloons, etc. Jackson slept in the sling the whole time we were there while I sat and read a magazine - very relaxing! I treated her to a Happy Meal for lunch since she was such a good sport and we stopped by Scott's work so she could tell him all about her morning.


Brian and Ella said...

i love reading about those moments! hooray for a successful dentist trip, and i love lillian's pig tails. too cute!

Daddy and Jeannie said...

Just wanted to let you know, I do still read your blogs even though I never comment on them! This is such a wonderful legacy you are leaving for your children, an ongoing story of their childhood! It will mean so much to them when they are older, just hope you can keep up the good work with four of them!