Baby Update

I took Jackson to the doctor today for his (almost) 2-week old well check. He was the most awake and alert I have seen him yet - maybe we are nearing the end of the "sleep all the time" stage. He has gained a whole pound since the last time we were there - just a week ago! I keep joking that he loves to eat and sleep, just like his daddy.

He is a very calm baby. He is waking up to nurse every 3 hours or so at night but sleeping like a champ in between feedings so I am not feeling too exhausted. The older siblings are adjusting amazingly well and are absolutely enamored with their baby brother - especially Lillian. The second I sit down to feed him, she races over to the couch to smother him in kisses. Caleb will sit and hold him for really long periods of time and Ella wants to sing him songs anytime she can.
Scott was off all last week so this week I am slowly adjusting to life with four by myself during the day and trying to learn little hints and shortcuts that may make the day run more smoothly, especially since he is still nursing so often. And speaking of that, I am in the throes of wanting to eat CONSTANTLY - the one and only thing I don't like about breastfeeding. I am never full!


Brian and Ella said...

i was looking forward to a baby update and precious pictures! i am right there with you, trisha, in every way...including my ginormous appetite!!

Charles and Heidi said...

What a cutie! Love the dimples! Is that a trademark of all your children?

Just Robin said...

I thought the eating thing was just me :)! Even though the nursing does take so much time isn't it also just the sweetest time, I love it.

He is a cutie, I expression in the one with the mommy bib is so adorable.

Just Robin said...

I keep looking for new stories and pictures :).

I would also love to hear your birth story.