Who needs housework?

Yesterday was a very unproductive day, especially considering that we should be getting ready for a new baby in 4 weeks, but we had so much fun it was easy to forget the things we should have been doing!

Our friend Austin started the morning by raking a HUGE pile of leaves in our yard for the kids to jump and play in. We didn't have this many leaves in our yard last year, so this was a first for all of our kiddos. I felt like it should have been about 20 degrees cooler - yesterday was a hot one! But they had a blast helping rake the leaves and then frolicking in them. We did that all morning until lunch and then the kids played outside for a couple more hours until naptime.

While the girls were asleep, we got a package from Grandma and Grandpa in the mail and, of course, Caleb wanted to open it right away!! So we did... it was a Happy St. Patrick's Day package with all kinds of goodies for each of them - a shirt, some shamrock glasses, a craft for us to do together, beads, gum, even cards for each of the kids with $5 in them! Caleb did his craft right away and then he went somewhere with his Daddy.

After the boys left, the girls woke up and opened their presents, and we took all of them after dinner to pick something out with their money. I will be playing catch-up tomorrow on cleaning and laundry since I did NOTHING this weekend, but it was worth it!

We had to undress the kids before their naps because they were so filthy from the leaves, so that is why they aren't wearing shirts in these pictures!

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Brian and Ella said...

we miss you guys!! and i've decided that housework is for my maid and cooking meals is for my chef so i can play with my kids all day and not feel badly that nothing is getting done. it's really gotten bad since having jake...i don't get anything done, and i'm not really sure how we're going to sell our house with all of this fun chaos going on!!

can't wait for your #4...we are so excited!!!