Starting a Tradition

UPDATE: P.S. Lillian LOVES roasted pumpkin seeds - who knew!!

I am embarrassed to say that we finally carved a pumpkin as a family this year, for the first time ever! We have always gone to the pumpkin patch and let each of the kids pick out their own small pumpkin to play with or color faces on, but wasn't really worth it to buy a bigger one to carve. This year, we got a pumpkin for free so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it.

We decided to get together with our neighbors at their house for the grand event. We all had pizza and salad for dinner (gotta love Hungry Howie's Wacky Wednesday) and then the kids went at it digging out the insides of the pumpkins. Caleb and Ella enjoyed doing it - Lillian, not so much. I traced a pattern on the pumpkin and then Scott carved it, so it really was a family effort. I think we will definitely do it again next year - it was a lot of fun (hectic, but fun) - especially being with another family that has kids.

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Charles and Heidi said...

Scott has real talent in pumpkin carving! Your kids are costumes are so cute! We only bought non-chocolate candy this year because I eat up all the leftovers. We had no trick-or-treaters and are now left with candy that no one likes. Back to chocolate next year.