The Newly Renovated MacDonald Family Bathroom


It's done, for the most part. Today my dad is wiring and installing a vanity light and we still need to redo the window, hang new doors and install crown molding. I never thought I would get away with having lavender in our bathroom - thank you Scott for letting me pick such a girlie color. It isn't so bad having only one bathroom when the one you have looks this nice! :)

If I post pictures of the rest of the house, will they make it look as clean as the bathroom looks in these pictures?


Charles and Heidi said...

The Bathroom is Gorgeous!!
Kudos to Scott for agreeing to lilac! It really is beautiful.

Charles and Heidi said...

I mean lavender!

Brian and Ella said...

i l-o-v-e it!! the beadboard looks amazing!! good job, george, scott, and hugh!!

and yes, you should post pictures of the rest of the house...i think you're right...some how houses look cleaner in pictures than in reality!! how is that???

These Three Kings said...

looking good Trisha!! cant wait to catch up on all your post.. not in the same day and sitting of course! lol
love you!!